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My Top 5: Greatest ‘Come Backs’…..EVER!!!

It’s been a tough morning gathering stats and facts for this survey, but the results are in!! To see who made it into my Top 5: Greatest ‘Come Backs’…..ever click the link below: WATCH MY TOP 5 BY CLICKING HERE Enjoy!

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Cannes you be what our judges are looking for?

I was kindly asked to help film this short promo the other day by Local Family TV and  One Time Twice to promote this amazing opportunity: CLICK HERE TO WATCH PROMO So if you have a talent, whether it be song writing, dancing, singing, film making or even rapping,  This competition gives you the opportunity… Read more »

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How to embarrass your little Sister…

I’ve always had a huge passion for filming from a very young age. Whether it was filming family, friends or my own real life experiences. My earliest memories of filming are using my Dad’s JVC Camcorder and recently I have stumbled across all my Dad’s old footage, a lot of it shot in the 90′s… Read more »

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What’s on your mobile phone?

Here’s what I found on my Blackberry 9900 earlier this week. WATCH HERE  On a recent trip to India my phone got damaged, so before I sent it off to be repaired/replaced I downloaded all my photos and video footage, some of which I had no recollection of filming? Anyway it’s all a little bit random… Read more »

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