‘There’s method in my madness’

From Shakespeare’s Hamlet, 1602. The actual line from the play is ‘Though this be madness yet there is method in it‘. This months blog comes directly from my Stormtrooper diary… This is a place where I like to put pen to paper and just let all my ideas spill out onto the page. Some of those ideas… Read more »

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In a galaxy far far away…

Almost 3 years ago to the day I had a vision. A vision I hoped one day, would become a reality! Ever since I was a little boy I’ve always dreamt of appearing in a Star Wars movie…. a dream shared by millions of other Star Wars fans around the world!! “The force is strong… Read more »

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F45 – Gym Review

F45 – Google review – Location: Hermosa Beach I recently spent 10 days out in LA, visiting friends from the UK who now live out there. Keeping fit is a key part of my daily routine and I wanted to find somewhere local to ensure the ‘Thanks Giving Turkey’ didn’t take its toll!! My friends… Read more »

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The Andaman Islands 2017

A BREAK FROM THE NORM I’ve spent the last 3 months in Mumbai, India working for Star Sports and Commentating on  Vivo Pro Kabaddi Season 5. After 105 matches it was definitely time for a well earned break ahead of the super play offs and finals. My holiday destination of choice? The Andaman Islands. The Andaman… Read more »

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Mental Health – Let’s talk about it!

This week Prince Harry has very openly spoken to the British press about his own personal battle with mental health after the death of his Mother, Princess Diana almost 20 years ago. Prince Harry said it was not until his late 20′s that he processed the grief – after 2 years of “total chaos” and… Read more »

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Sungai Pandan Waterfalls – Kuantan, Malaysia

I am currently out in Malaysia commentating on the ‘QNET Asian Champions Trophy’ hockey tournament with fellow Commentators Charlie Brougham (middle) and Solomon Casoojee (left). Say hello fellas…. Boys in blue – Star Sports Commentary Team 2016 Today we had the morning off, so Charlie and I decided to visit one of the local tourist… Read more »

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Royal Parks Half Marathon – Sunday 9th October, 2016

6am – “Rise and shine Michael. It’s time to run The Royal Parks Half Marathon 2016″.   I’m not going to lie, when my alarm went off this morning at ‘The Crack of Sparrow-Fart” the thought of running 13.1 miles (after a fairly minimal training regime) didn’t exactly fill me with joy and excitement! Nevertheless… Read more »

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I’m going to start by stating the bleeding obvious! It can be pretty soul destroying hanging around waiting for the phone to ring, and for that “next job” to come in.  Owch! Festering around….I hate it! I’ve been working as a Freelancer now for almost 10 years and it’s definitely a part of the job that… Read more »

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With almost 100 videos on my ‘You Tube’ channel now I thought it might be a nice idea to pull out my Top 5 and tell you a little bit about each one and why they are amongst my favourites. In no particular order……. NUMBER ONE: ‘PARKAY’ click here to watch the video   No… Read more »

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The Absalom Archive (episode i): ’1996 Parchute Jump’

It’s been another amazing week reflecting back on incredible childhood experiences. This week I managed to transfer my first ever parachute jump from VHS to You Tube. I hope you enjoy this blast from the past… CLICK HERE TO WATCH MY JUMP #happytimes #nofear #brickingit Can’t believe I was only 16 years old when I did… Read more »

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